What Else Will It Take For Us To Obey God?

God created humans (Genesis 5:1) , and spoke to him the things he should do to live a happy life (Genesis 1:28). The human told his wife what God said but she did not obey, then shared with the man her disobedience (Genesis 3:1-6). When the man decided to join in with his wife, he shared it with all humans (Genesis 3:1-12, Romans 5:12-14)

Then God used other men to see if they will obey Him (Genesis 6, Exodus 2 & 3 etc..), but they still did not. So God sent His only Son to place His law in our minds and hearts to obey it, but no! Now it’s on our hearts we still do not obey. We still do as we please! Today God is making His word available, increasing wisdom and it is now online all over the web, you just have to google bible, and it’s in your face. Are we going to obey it there when we receive it?

What else do we want God to do for us to obey Him? Well, He is not going to do any more, as the ONLY SON He had died, raised, and waiting for us to obey, so He can present us holy to God. Look around and tell me: do we really want any more chaos, deaths, or disasters to happen for us to obey?

God is allowing us time to repent, so disobedience can be put to an end. God sent angles, Prophets, Preachers, HIS ONLY SON, Increased knowledge, The Web. He is sending Increased Knowledge today, yet some of us still do not obey what we heard. What Else Will It Take For Us To Obey God? Let us obey God and live, for obedience is better than sacrifice. God have mercy on us, so we can live in obedience to Your laws. God bless us all, Amen.

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