Dead Blood is Defiled

Hosea 6:8 Gilead is a city of evildoers and defiled with blood.


God does not want us to be defiled in any way, whether in the flesh, or in our hearts. He wants us to be HOLY (1 Peter 1:16), because He is HOLY. To become holy, we must NOT be defiled. God will not look upon anything and anyone who is defiled. A dead animal with the blood in them is defiled, so is a dead human (Leviticus 21:10-12). If the blood is in the animal, or person, it does not mater how righteous that one was, the person becomes defiled, and whoever touches the dead, themselves become defiled (Numbers 19:11).

A Jewish person, as well as many faithful practising christians who still hold the teachings of the bible will understand this perfectly, as this is a teaching they had from the beginning, and this has not changed. God despise uncleanness, as He is Holy. He will not change His standards, to fit in with human traditions, therefore a place where a HOLY God is worshipped should not be defiled with dead bodies. If it becomes defiled, it needs to be cleansed.


God will not be present there, as the temple should be kept clean. When Jesus was on the cross, after He died, a spear was pierced to His side, draining all His blood, so He was buried with no blood in His body, yet His body did NOT enter the temple before burial. The custom was not to bring the dead body into the temple. On the contrary, If a body was found to be dead by accident in the temple, it was supposed to be removed, and the temple was to be cleansed, and only after 7 days later was the worshipping of God took place in it.

I have to share this with the churches, as I receive it, and I hope this will give us a little insite of how important this is, as God will not look upon defiled worship, a person, or a temple. He did not do it before, He will not change to suit our ignorance, for in our ignorance, God will overlook,  but we must now repent of it (Acts 17:30-31). Now let us who worship God, worship Him in Spirit and in truth in a CLEAN place, and with clean hearts and minds.

Whenever a dead person went to their tomb, Jesus showed no interest, but whenever He went near one, it was not to place them in the tomb, but to remove them from it. When John the Baptist died, He knew it was not God’s will to bring him back to life, so He did not go to John. He went to Lazarus, the little girl, and many more, but it was to give them life, not to be defiled by them. He could have gone to see John, but He did not, as He would have been defiled by his dead body. Yet He went to the place where Lazarus was to show others that He had the authority over the grave. What a HOLY GOD we serve! Be holy, for HE IS HOLY. God bless us all.

Scripture reference

Numbers 19:11 – Anyone who touches a dead body is not clean.

Numbers 9:6-12  – A man becomes DEFILED by human corpse

Numbers 19:20 – The unclean person needs to be purified to enter temple, or he will defile the temple.

Haggai 2:13 – If the dead body touches it, it is unclean.

Hebrews 12:14-16 – One can be defiled by having bitterness in the heart.

A dead corpse in the temple is defiling that temple. If the person alive is defiled by going near the dead, should the dead be taken into the temple where a HOLY GOD is worshipped? Think it through. God grant that our eyes may be opened to the truth of HIS word. Amen.

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