God Knows Best, Trust Him

WordSometimes we don’t understand why God does something, but it does not mean that He loves us any less, Look at what Jesus went through because He claimed that He was from heaven? Was it worth it? Oh Yes, and He understood that despite His sufferings, turning his back on God was not an option. He endured to the end by conquering the devil and received all authority in heaven and on earth afterwards. If He has all authority, what has the devil got? Nothing, except that he has the earth full of people weaker than him to deceive. He will steal, kill and destroy some of us, but he has no authority over God’s people! God is in control of His people and satan will not get a hold on them. He thought that he conquered Christ till he showed upon the 3rd day after death but He has been cast out of heaven never to return. I don’t want to be led by someone who has been cast out of heaven. If he has been thrown down, what chance have I got if I follow him?  Jesus is the one with all the authority,  so I follow Him, and one day soon, He will rule over me and all who desire to accept His authority. God be praised.

Kings of KingsTrusting God means that we accept the instructions He gave us through His Son. God could not come to us in person as He cannot tolerate sin, so He sent His Son in human form to deliver the message of salvation so we can understand it better. We are not able to understand spiritual things because we are all living in physical bodies, so He sent His physical Son with a spiritually message to teach us how to understand God. If the teachers of the law fully understood Jesus and who He was, we could be still lost in our sins or consumed by the power of God, as He cannot tolerate sin. Although Jesus said many things, it seemed very difficult to understand and He later interpreted them to His disciples. The things of God is foolishness to physically minded people. If in physical form Jesus was unable to reach people, how much more time do we need to understand it all? Human beings who understood Him is now relating and teaching this same message to us so we can accept it before the end comes. If we refuse to accept it, we too will receive the reward in store for all who reject God’s message. This message is the words written in the bible, and it is widely available to everyone who needs it. Theres n one else coming to tell us what God wants us to do. He sent all He had the last was His Son, but instead of listening to Him we choose not to obey. The message God sent through His Son is now available to all, and no one can say they did not know. God will give everyone a chance to receive that message, and it will be our decision to do obey it or reject it. What will you do when it reaches you? Will you reject it or receive it. God grant that you choose live and receive His instruction on how to get eternal life, and that is through His Son. God bless you.


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