Is it God’s Spirit You Hear?

Dove_SpiritHear what the Spirit is saying to the churches (Revelation  2: 7, 11 , 17, 29; Revelation 3:6,13, 22). Seven times this statements is repeated in the book of Revelation and it has great significant to God’s people. What is God Spirit telling us? Can we hear it? If we hear Him are we obeying His voice? Why was it repeated so many times in this book. Because other spirits will come in that same time and deceive many and some will think that they are hearing the Spirit of God, but it’s not really God’s spirit at all. How do you know that the spirit you are hearing to is from God? Well, Here is the answer: test every Spirit (1 John 4:1): The Spirit of truth will not teach lies, He will not reject God’s Christ,  He will will not speak of His own authority and He will tell you things to come that He hears from God.

On the other hand, any other spirit will do the opposite. They will tell lies, reject Christ, speaks in their own authority and cannot hear from God so their instructions will be their own. God ask us to test every spirit to find out if they are from God, so do not listen to every spirit and think, just because you hear them and you are christians they are from God. He said if it were possible the very elect would be deceived, so be careful who you listen to because you will know them by their fruits. The Spirit of God is a witness that Jesus is the Christ, He lived in Him, Raised Him from death and takes information from Him to us. Therefore His teaching is pure truth and organic. This is why He is making sure you understand that it is Him you need to hear and none other. Repeated seven times signifies totality. He will be the one changing our physically bodies to a spiritual one, as He did to The Christ so make it your business to hear what He is saying to the churches. God bless you.


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