The Peace Of God Will Guard You

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 needgodpeace1Jesus was a very peaceful man on earth, He greeted His fellow disciples with peace and left by the same. “Peace I leave with you”, He told them and  no one who expressed faith in Him was in need. He met their needs without cost. The only thing He required of them is that they believed that He had the authority from God to do it. The only people who had issues with His methods were those that did not believe in Him.

When you accept God and His Son, not only are you free, saved, born into His spirit, etc.. but you have His peace to guard you. That peace when you find it, will protect you from any fear, doubt, stress and anything ungodly. The child of God has  so much power and authority that it frightens every evil forces on the planet. No wonder the devil is so busy trying every trick in his book to get us to turn that authority to him! Child of God, remain steadfast in that peace, it is a gift from God to you, through His Son Jesus Christ. Have you ever seen Jesus be intimidated by anyone or fazed by anything? Did you not study His boldness, yet at peace with everyone? This what He left with you.

What a perfect example our Father God sent to teach us! it certainly comes in handy today! It surpasses all understanding and  no one with it is unable to overcome whatever is thrown at them! Brothers and sisters in Christ, despite all the ungodly things you have witnessed and experienced, take that gift and use it effectively, because you do so it, you live a better life. God grant you His peace from now till eternity. Peace I leave with you.


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