What Is Truth

what is truth?Truth can only be given or spoken by someone who does not tell lies. Pilate was faced with the truth, asked what it was, and spoke of it to the people in his day. He was so exposed to it, he later uttered: “I find no fault in Him” (John 18:38). The truth is: Jesus did not lie about where He came from, who sent Him and where He got is power from. He did not hide who He was either, the problem He had with His oppositions was: “He made Himself the Son of God” (John 19:7) while He was a human being. This was what they did not understand, but a prophet, or a good man, this was not a problem and they needed a sign to prove that He was. Did He showed them any proof? Yes He did many times, but because of their hardened hearts, they could not perceive the meaning of anything He told them. They even claimed to see it all (Matthew 13:13) but yet they understood Him not.

Just because one don’t understand something that is taught, does this makes the teaching false? No, it means that they were not spiritually minded, did not take time to study what was said, but came to their own conclusion before examining the teachings further. Every thing they heard, they compared it to physical or earthly things, not heavenly. DoveJesus was from heaven and spoke of heavenly things (John 8:23), but because they were earthly, they did not understand Him, nor His teaching. As they refused to believe Him, God hardened their hearts. Jesus said that He is the truth and Pilate was correct in saying that there is no fault with Him. He spoke the truth to all He became associated with, and He never uttered a lie. God declared that He was telling the truth when He asked those around Him many times that He is His Son, listen to Him (Matthew 17:5, Mark 9:7, Acts 3:22). God cannot lie, If He says that the Christ is His Son, He is. That is truth! Jesus was not the only one who announced that He was the Son of God, John the Baptist did, the prophets before Him did, and when the prophecy was fulfil, some did not receive Him as the Son of God, but the chosen ones did and testified of it. Because of their testimony, we too have recorded truth. What are we going to do with it? Are we to find fault in God’s Son? No, we will receive His teaching and make sure we live by every word that comes from the mouth of God through Him. What is truth? The truth is: Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and everything He said and done was ordained by God. Glory be to God!


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