You Of Little Faith

You have little faith if you are worried about your clothes, food, and if you doubt. Faith as small as a mustard seed is capable of moving mountains, and big faith is much more powerful so ask God for faith, and He will not refuse you. Without faith it is impossible to please God, therefore if you ask God for it, He will be too happy to give you a measure of it, which we all have already to begin with. We need to exercise this measure of faith for it to grow. Jesus explained to His disciples how important it is to have faith in God and His power, because what they had, was not as big as a mustard seed. 

mustard seedIf it was that big, He said they could say to the mountain move, and it would obey them. Their faith needed work, and Jesus exercised faith in His teaching several times and showed them how its done. After their faith in God grew, He gave them authority to go and do the same things they saw Him do. They returned to Him very happy that the demons obeyed them. Even at Gethsemane Jesus had to give in and allow God’s will to be done, when it appeared difficult for Him. He surrendered to the will of His Father, knowing it is the best option. He then drank the cup, by doing the will of His Father, no matter what! After He achieved all He was sent to do, He was given all authority in heaven and earth! The journey may not be easy, but God gives us whatever is needed to complete the task. Work at your mustard seed faith, and nothing will be impossible for you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  1 comment for “You Of Little Faith

  1. 31/08/2015 at 20:55

    I understand that: the complemente of Faith is Marc 11.23, 24. This is it!



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