There’s No Maybe With God

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom we proclaimed among you, Silvanus, Timothy and I, was not Yes and No, but in Him it is always Yes. For all the promises of God find their Yes in Him. That is why it is through Him that we utter our Amen to God for His glory. And it is God who establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, and who has also put His seal on us and given us His Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee (2 Corinthians 1:19-22). There is not a maybe you will have God’s Holy Spirit in you as a child of God. It is a definitely Yes, He seals us with His Holy Spirit because He chooses to do so. yes & amenIt is not because we are good, or workaholic, or because we earned it, but it is because God decided to give Him to anyone He chooses. If He says yes to you, no one else can say no. God send His word out to do exactly what He wishes it to do and there is no doubt in His mind what He wants.

We may delay in getting it because of our disobedience to Him, but what He says will happen, and it will do so when He decides to make it happen. Jesus was notified that Lazarus was dead, He took no noticed of it and continued going about His business until He heard that the man was dead. Four days later He turned up and they must have thought in their minds, He is really late, because by this time no one is able to help him, but how wrong they were. After 4 days, to the glory of God, the man received his life back. Is there anything impossible with God? No, nothing is impossible for Him. If He says He will do something, you can depend on His word, because it docent return to Him without achieving exactly what He said it will do. Yes and Amen is certainly happening now, as we see His word being fulfil in our generation. God never wonder from His word, no one can change it and no one is able to redirect it. God says, and it happens. You can guarantee, that If He is the God you serve, His yes will always remain yes, and it is always true.

  2 comments for “There’s No Maybe With God

  1. 09/10/2015 at 17:41

    Thank God.


  2. 09/10/2015 at 13:42

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