Don’t Despise The Discipline Of God

disciplineBehold, blessed is the one whom God reproves; therefore despise not the discipline of the Almighty (Job 5:17). If you are not discipline by God, you are not His child, because God discipline the one He delights in. If you are God’s child and you are heading in the wrong direction, He will tell you so. How He does it is up to Him not you. The correction may not be nice during it, but you need it if you are to change course. If you only like blessings and not corrections, well you will be spoilt rotten, and this is not the method in which God work. If you continue to refuse correction from Him, He will leave you to your fate, and we all know from experience what will an undisciplined children end like. They end up in jail, or dead. God don’t want His children locked up, but free. When we come to God through His Son, we are set free, and He doesn’t want us to use our freedom to sin. When He correct you next time, take it as His way of saying: I love you my child. Don’t feel bad when it happens, be happy He takes time to guide you in the right direction. God be with you.


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