God Discipline His Love Ones

Jesus is In the fire with youThose whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent (Revelation 3:19). We may think that the trials we now face is difficult, but who enjoys discipline while they are going through it? When a parent pass a judgement on a child they love, although the child resent the judgement and the consequences that follows, they soon realise that the discipline was just. It enables growth and development, rather than letting them go they own way. Sometimes we do not understand why God put us through different situations, but He is in the fire with us even when sometimes we question Him and His methods. These are the things we need to go through, to enable us to grow and develop as  a mature child of God. Without God’s discipline, we will not get to the stage He wants us to be as we get older.

We only realise afterwards that if we had not gone through the course and complete it, we would have never experience God’s love for us, and understand His methods better. The journey is hard, but through it we develop the skills and character needed to go further. It is like going to school; you go through it by stages; as you understand and master the first stage, you are better able to understand the second and the rest. We are in a school, and the things of God has to be taught His way, for us to fully understand our role in God’s will. His Holy Spirit is here to assist us in the process, and we will find that we are not able to do so without help, and need to surrender to His leadership. As we learn new things, it will enable us to be challenged. Discipline does this to a loved child. God disciplines the one He delights in, and it is for our good, to build us, train us and reprove us in righteousness. Take God’s discipline as a positive thing, and remind yourself that is because God loves you, that you are being disciplined, and it’s a good thing. May God continue to make you into the person He created you to be.


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