God’s 3 Authorities, 3 Submissions Explained

Everyone submits to The Father – He is the Head of His home and the Head of every home is the husband. The Father is our Husband, therefore when you submit to your earthly husband, it is symbolic submission to the Heavenly Father, as He is the ultimate Head of “the home”. This is why the man is the husband. God created the woman as the weaker vessel, so the man is occupied with his duties. If the woman does not submit, the man is unable to do his duties, as he has no subject, and is not able to function. His duties are to love and cherish his wife, and if he is unable to so, he cannot express love. God Loves unity and love; they go hand in hand and without both, the other cannot function. Love brings unity, if you love God, you will keep His commandment. If you disobey God, he will not be happy, and He will spit you out of his mouth if you continue in disobedience. Because of the first disobedience, caused by the woman, the man is forced to do the same. There is only One submissive Son left, so He is sent to earth to save the rest of mankind, by becoming one of them, to get by the authority that the first “Adam lost”.

The Father – ULTIMATE AUTHORITY ! (HAS ALL authority)

1  Head of The Son and His Role – Father + Authority (Under 1 Authority)

2  Head of husband and his Role – The Son + Authority  (Under 2 Authorities)

3  Head  of Wife and His Role – Husband + Authority  (Under 3 Authorities)

There are three Authorities and three Submissions  to illustrate. If anyone tries to change this perfect formation that The Father established,  they will not run in the way it intended. He made the rules there and anyone who disobey them will be removed. The Father Submits to NO ONE, therefore who is able to enter His Kingdom and do what they want in it? They will have to bind Him first, if they can. Authority and Submission is critical in a relationship, otherwise it causes chaos and love cannot function. If the Husband is to love his wife, and care for her, she cannot receive it unless she submit to His love. If he cannot express love, it restricts unity. There is no chaos in a family home, if its members neglect their duties. It causes  confusion if they refuse to do their role. I learnt this with the help of the Holy Spirit, and today my husband is at peace, and we are united as one. Until your husband carry his authority, he is disobeying God, because his wife has cause him to sin. How can he obey God is if his duties are restricted by another? The whole cycle is in war, and so the next in line has to take over. The first two died to sin, and the  last Submission needs to take His role.

Submission to His will is essential for His Kingdom to  function perfectly, and He will not tolerate anything less than perfection. The Father is a perfectionist, He is Holy and He is love. Removing any one of these, is fatal and teaching others to do so causes them to fall also.


Submission of Son & His Role – Total Obedience to Father (submit to 1)

Submission of Husband & His Role – Total Obedience to Father and Son (submit to 2)

Submission of Wife & Her Role – Total Obedience to Father, Son and Husband (submit to 3) 

Lord LordOnly After you have submitted to the “Authority” that God placed you under,  can you see or enter into His Kingdom. It teaches you to obey His rules, no mater what He tells you. If you are disobedient to  God rules, He will not allow you into His kingdom to life forever  in disobedience to His laws. 

Draw near to God, resist the devil and He will flee from you. God will empower you to fight His fiery darts as you draw nearer and nearer to Himself, because as you draw nearer to God, Satan cannot come into His presence. He has no permission to do so, so keep drawing to God, and He (the devil) will have no choice but to flee. You can walk with God and in His power, not so for the devil, so use this opportunity to continue your faith in God, and submit to His will, just like Jesus showed us. God bless you as you submit to His will for your life.


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