Remember Your Creator

They said to the woman: It is no longer because of what you said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this is indeed the Savior of the world (John 4:42). Are you where you are because of what someone told you? Have you seen and experienced God for yourself? You could be studying, praying, going to church every week, assembling with the saints, and still don’t have a relationship with God. You could be doing everything you are told to do, but until you spend personal time with God, and get to know Him, you will never fully know what He is really like for yourself. You will only know what He is like to others, but His will for your life you know nothing about. How do you change this? You need to take a look for yourself, prove all truth and you will have first-hand experience. studyStart making time to have your very own personal relationship with Him and be alone in His presence often to find your place in Him, for He is available to you also. Remember that He is the one who created you and He wants you to know and remember this.

Time spent with Him is very precious, enjoy God as all His children do, so you can experience your own joy in the Lord. Then you will be able to share it with others, so they too can draw closer to God for their own peace of mind. After you do this regularly, you will begin to realise that you cannot live without Him. When you have experienced His wonderful love, His joy, peace, and grace, you will never forget Him. There has to be a time when you need to check to see if these things are so; and there is no better time than now. Go to God in prayer, ask Him to  help you to get to know Him better for yourself, and keep looking for a word from Him in the scriptures. When you find it, you will know that you have His attention. He will speak to you directly through His word, do make sure you have a bible that you can understand. Jesus_066Study the scriptures often, from then on, and wherever you go, whatever you do, take Him with you. If you go to school, work, or play, go with God; tell Him where you are going and ask Him to go with you. When He knocks, open the door and let Him in, you will be better off with Him.

If you are going to the shop, ask Him to protect you as you go and when you have wealth, don’t ignore Him, because it will not be blessed. Whatever you do, make sure you have invited God to be there with you. If you don’t invite Him, He will not come, this is why it is important you have Him with you wherever you go, as He will not let bad things happen to you. If you are going somewhere and He is not invited, think twice before you go there. A personal relationship with God is not a weekly thing, you need to have Him present with you as often as you breathe. Every time you breathe, thank Him for giving you that breath of life. That’s how often you need Him there with you, because it is God that gave you that life. Remember to have God everywhere you go and don’t forget that He sees all that you do, think and say.  If God is not present, you’ll fail, because you decided to go ahead on your own without His protection to guide you. It overcame you and when you think about it, you discovered that you should have never gone without Him. The guilt and shame forces you to return to God, but you fear because you think you let Him down and the thought of returning to Him haunts you. jesus_new_robe_manYou try to see if you can hide it, but somehow you still feel bad because you know God saw it, like Adam in the garden of Eden, you run because you don’t want to hear what He has to say, and you keep running away until suddenly He calls your name! You look up where you think He is but you are not sure it’s you, although you heard your name called.

You realise you cannot hide any longer so you blame someone else, or find an excuse to get out of it . All the time because of His Son, God draws you to Himself, forgive you and remember your sin no more.  He shows you the way, so that you know  your help comes from Him. I urge you not to forget God. No matter how far away you run from Him, He will find you, He will discipline you because He loves you, He will also forgive and clothe you.  Because He has given a great deal to save you in this life and the one to come, He will not leave you or forsake you.  Stop running away from Him, He is not going to destroy you, He is only calling you to show you which direction to go, because you took a wrong turn. Go back and remember your first love, God will never forget you, you should not forget Him either. Remember your Creator while you are still young (Ecclesiastes 12:1-7), and don’t forget to give Him thanks. God bless you.

  1 comment for “Remember Your Creator

  1. 25/08/2015 at 22:37

    Moment with God is so precious and seeking and crying out to him will bind the encounter with him.. May God bless Bishop for bieng an inspitation from Him



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