Your Faith Made You Well

faith moves

A woman who had suffered from a discharge of blood for twelve years came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His garment, for she said to herself, “If I only touch His garment, I will be made well.” Jesus turned, and seeing her He said, “Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” And instantly the woman was made well (Matthew 9:20-22).

God has not asked us to do anything without equipping us to do so. This is why He expect us to do it. If He ask you to be holy, He has already provided the means inside you to enable you do live that way. He placed His laws and power inside your hearts and minds, so you have what it takes to obey Him. If He said have faith in Him, He previously gave you a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) to use it and trust His power to do what you ask. It is how you use the power inside you, that will enable you to receive the blessings that comes with it after you use it to His glory, and according to His will.  

Here is another example: You are given a sharp knife and food ingredients to cook a meal. Method one: you use the knife to chop the vegetables, meat, or fish and created a lovely meal, but left it there to rot instead of eating it! Well, just because you prepared and cook it does not mean you will be filled if you do not eat it! You will still be hungry. Method two: you did everything that you did in method one, but instead of leaving the meal to rot, you sat with a few friends and enjoyed this lovely meal you just prepared; after a while, you feel satisfied, and energised to carry on with your daily duties, knowing that you and your friends have just enjoyed a lovely meal. I guarantee that you will not be hungry, but happy and blessed that you had been fed, as well as your friends. This is how important faith and works is. Faith without work, is dead.

This faith, which God has given to you, needs to be put to work. You need to mix it with work, to activate the blessing. If you sit around with the faith and do not apply the work needed to bring it to a blessing, you will go without, like anyone who sits idle, thinking it will just arrive on a plate by doing nothing. Faith, and work moves mountains if you know how. Jesus saw that most of His followers had “faith to be made healed” and as a result, He exercised His power to get them what was needed. Now show God that you have “faith to be made well, and you will also see His power at work. God bless your ability to use the faith He gave you, and your work to see results.


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